The Vertical Take-off and Landing System (VTOL) allows to operate without needing a runwuay or heavy launching systems.

Focus on data, not swapping batteries.A reliable and very efficient technology chosen for our drones, which offers great results.

Use of electric motors instead of combustion engines, in takeoff and landing, this results in a lower cost of maintenance.

Powered by Hydrogen






Power Utility

Our drone monitors infrastructures faster, more accurately and reduces risks. This translates into an increase in productivity and efficiency, reducing costs and providing a wealth of information about the state of infrastructure.

Pipelines maintenance

By installing special sensors the drone transmits live data to detect and evaluate faults and leaks in oil and gas installations. An indispensable tool for these infrastructures.


Our dron is perfect for large linear structures, does not interfere with the development of the activity and controls the condition of the train tracks optimally.


An authentic revolution in the control and prevention of fires, offers a panoramic view and provides useful information of large areas of land affected by fires or different catastrophes.Situations in which the speed of reaction is critical.

Defense & Surveillance

In the area of defense and security the possibilities of the drone are very extensive, border control, fighting against illegal activities, surveillance... An endless number of uses with obvious advantages.

Mines & Quarries

The use of drones is useful in all stages of this industry, allows to plan, control, evaluate, and monitor all phases.